College Sports Prop Bets Likely Out of the Game in Ohio

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Sports bettors in Ohio could soon face restrictions on placing proposition bets, commonly known as prop bets, on college sports events. On January 31, the NCAA formally requested the Ohio Casino Control Commission to consider the cessation of college game and athlete prop betting, and the request is gaining support at the highest levels of the state's government.

College Betting Under Fire

The proposed rule changes would not impact traditional wagers on overall outcomes, final scores, over/under totals, or spreads for college games. The focus of the ban is specifically on prop bets, which involve specific occurrences or individual performances within a game. However, prop bets related to pro sports games and competitions would remain unaffected by these potential changes.

One year into sports gambling in Ohio, we have seen a marketplace develop where a number of bad actors have engaged in unacceptable behavior by making threats against student-athletes in Ohio and across the country. By amending rules to focus bets on the team and away from individual athletes, I believe we can improve the marketplace in Ohio and better protect student-athletes from unnecessary and potentially harmful threats.

Mike DeWineGovernor of Ohio

The catalyst for this move has been the increasing concerns over the well-being of collegiate athletes, exacerbated by threats made on social media platforms. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Charlie Baker, the president of the NCAA, have both gotten behind the measure to ban prop bets in college sports betting. Baker emphasized that collegiate athletes have been facing online harassment from certain bettors.

Gene Smith, the athletic director at Ohio State University, echoed the sentiments of DeWine and Baker, signaling agreement with the proposed changes. The collaborative stance from influential figures in the state, including the governor and athletic director, underscores the gravity of the issue and the need for protective measures.

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The NCAA's plea aligns with a broader effort to safeguard the integrity of collegiate sports and the well-being of student-athletes. The focus on ending prop bets on these events aims to reduce potential negative impacts on athletes caused by certain betting activities.

In 2023, Ohio sports bettors collectively wagered an impressive $7.6 billion on sports, resulting in taxable revenue of $963 million for the state, according to the Ohio Casino Control Commission. As discussions progress, it remains to be seen how these potential restrictions could impact the state's sports betting landscape and whether other jurisdictions might consider similar measures in the interest of athlete safety and well-being.

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