Danish Gambling Authority Triumphs against 49 Illegal Sites

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The Danish Gambling Authority has secured a significant legal victory in its ongoing battle against illegal gambling activities within the country.

Court Upholds Blockade

The Copenhagen City Court has ruled in favor of the Danish Gambling Authority, leading to the successful blocking of 49 websites offering unauthorized gambling services to Danish citizens.

This marks the ninth instance in which the Danish Gambling Authority has taken legal action to curtail the operations of illegal gambling websites. Since the partial liberalization of Denmark's gambling market in 2012, the authority has been dedicated to preventing unlicensed gambling operators from targeting Danish consumers. The court's recent decision reinforces their commitment to upholding consumer protection and maintaining a fair gambling landscape.

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It is a very important task for the Danish Gambling Authority to ensure that Danes are not exposed to gambling that is offered illegally in Denmark and that does not comply with the requirements for consumer protection, among other things, set out in the gambling legislation.
We are constantly trying to optimize our efforts against illegal gambling, and one of our latest initiatives is, among other things, to block illegal websites more often than before. This means that the illegal sites are active in Denmark for a shorter period of time, because the sites will be blocked sooner after we have identified them.

Anders DorphDirector of the Danish Gambling Authority

This latest legal victory also signals a change in strategy for the Danish Gambling Authority. Previously, illegal websites were blocked annually; however, with this new approach, the authority expects to carry out blocking measures twice a year. This shift aims to reduce the time during which illicit sites are active within Denmark, providing better protection for consumers.

Monitoring, Action, and Legal Blocks

The Danish Gambling Authority employs a variety of techniques to monitor the gambling market for illegal activities. Automated searches play a significant role, but the authority also values input from vigilant individuals and businesses that report suspicious operations.

When the Danish Gambling Authority identifies sites offering illegal gambling, it first notifies them of the violation and requests the cessation of illegal activities. Should the illicit activities persist, the authority takes the matter to the district court to have the websites blocked. The responsibility of implementing these blocks rests with Danish Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

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The blocked websites primarily offer a range of traditional casino games such as roulette, gaming machines, poker, and betting services. Notably, 13 of the blocked websites fall under the category of "skin betting," where deposits and winnings are in the form of virtual items from computer games.

It's important to understand the parameters within which gambling becomes illegal in Denmark. Offering gambling services without a license from the Danish Gambling Authority is strictly prohibited. This applies even if foreign operators target the Danish market. Several elements determine if a game is aimed at Denmark, including the presence of Danish language, currency, payment cards specific to Denmark, Danish customer service, and more.

All licensed gambling operators in Denmark are required to display the Danish Gambling Authority's label on their websites and marketing materials. This labeling ensures transparency and helps players verify the legitimacy of gambling sites offering services in Denmark.

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