Famous Twitch Streamer Shows Supports for Kick’s Gambling Policies

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Asmongold, the popular Twitch creator, is well known for his critical opinions on a wide range of topics. However, it appears he has no problems with the way that Kick is reportedly “reserving” slots and promoting gambling streams.

A group of companies and investors who were unhappy with Twitch’s policy on gambling streams created Kick. Twitch does not allow the advertising of specific websites and has poorly defined what operators are allowed to do.

Asmongold has said that there is no problem with what he read in a Reddit post, which is that Kick may be booking slots for gambling streams. He said that it would be in keeping with the company’s overall strategy.

Kick’s recommended seems to reserve the third and fifth spots for gambling streams. There’s a chance that could be the case, I mean, listen. Obviously, they’re going to make money off of gambling. This is probably smart to do.

AsmongoldFamous Twitch Streamer

Since launching in March, the company has won over a number of Twitch stars, demonstrating its potential. Amongst the streamers are well-known people such as xQc, Trainwreck and Amouranth, all of whom were well-known on Twitch.

The rapper Drake is also streaming on Kick and he attracts numerous views. Furthermore, Kick has a more generous revenue-sharing mode with 95% of the proceeds going to the streamers.

Asmongold said that he has no criticism of the way in which Kick is doing business. He said that the gambling issue was not worth discussing simply because Amazon had a partnership with DraftKings, one of the biggest gambling operators in North America.

However, Kick has been banned in Greece for having too much gambling content. Strangely, the ban does not apply to Twitch, suggesting some double standards.

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