Flutter Becomes a WiHTL Member Committed to Change

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Global gaming and entertainment giant, Flutter Entertainment, has announced its recent membership with WiHTL (Women in Hospitality, Travel, and Leisure), an esteemed Collaboration Community dedicated to enhancing diversity and inclusion within the hospitality, travel, and leisure (HTL) sector.

From Vision to Action

Flutter's commitment extends further as it sponsors the Women Non-Executive Director (NED) Programme by WiHTL, and its CFO, Paul Edgecliffe-Johnson, takes on a foundational role in the new CFO Committee.

Flutter Entertainment, boasting a workforce of over 23,000 employees across five continents, is unwavering in its mission to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment that mirrors the global communities it serves.

Guided by its Executive Committee, the company has launched its Global Advocacy Programme and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy, focusing on understanding the unique experiences of its workforce, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds. This commitment underscores Flutter's dedication to promoting diversity and effecting meaningful change within the organization.

By becoming a WiHTL member, Flutter strengthens its involvement in the pursuit of diversity and inclusion in the HTL sector. Moreover, the company's backing of WiHTL's Women NED Programme demonstrates its dedication to nurturing female senior leaders for non-executive positions.

The program offers tailored training and support, empowering women to excel in board-level roles by honing strategic acumen and facilitating valuable networking opportunities. Participants are equipped with the tools to showcase their attributes, establish peer connections, comprehend board responsibilities, and excel in NED-level interviews.

Flutter's Collaboration with WiHTL’s Committee

Paul Edgecliffe-Johnson, Flutter Entertainment's CFO, emphasized the significance of diversity across all organizational levels, including the board. He expressed enthusiasm about Flutter's membership in WiHTL and the sponsorship of the Women NED Programme, acknowledging the pivotal role diversity plays in long-term business success.

Edgecliffe-Johnson asserted that equipping potential future NEDs with essential knowledge and skills is pivotal to their growth and contributes to an all-encompassing boardroom culture.

Paul's involvement extends further as he pioneers WiHTL's CFO Committee. This committee is geared toward amplifying diversity and inclusivity within the financial realm of the HTL sector.

Comprising CFOs from various HTL entities, the committee aims to facilitate knowledge sharing, monitor advancements, and devise strategies to foster diverse talent within finance departments, thereby cultivating positive and inclusive workplace atmospheres.

Tea Colaianni, WiHTL's Founder and Chair, warmly welcomed Flutter Entertainment to the Collaboration Community, praising the company's commitment to sponsor the Women NED Programme—a vital step toward enhancing diversity within industry boardrooms. Colaianni also commended Paul's leadership as the inaugural member of the CFO Committee, emphasizing the significance of senior leaders driving meaningful industry-wide transformation.

As Flutter Entertainment forges ahead as a proactive member of WiHTL, the company's multifaceted engagement underscores its dedication to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and equality within the HTL sector. The alliance between Flutter and WiHTL is poised to enact positive change, driving lasting progress across the industry's spectrum.

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