Kindred Group Repurchases 1,050,000 Shares as Part of Share Buy-Back Program

During the period from 9th February to 28th February 2023, Kindred Group plc has repurchased 1,050,000 shares/SDRs as part of the share buy-back programme. The aim of the buy-back programme is to return excess cash to the company's shareholders.

The board of directors of Kindred Group initiated the share buy-back programme on 1st August 2022, and it is being carried out in accordance with the Maltese Companies Act, EU Market Abuse Regulation (EU No. 596/2014), and the applicable rules of Nasdaq's Nordic Main Market Rulebook for Issuers of Shares.

All acquisitions were made on Nasdaq Stockholm by Nordea Bank Abp on behalf of Kindred. The purchases in February were made at an average price of 109.63 SEK per share. Kindred's total holding of own shares/SDRs after the acquisitions and the vesting of 362,200 share awards under the 2021 long-term incentive plan on 1st March 2023 is 13,209,479. The total number of issued shares in Kindred is 230,126,200.

Repurchasing shares is a common practice that companies use to return excess cash to shareholders. This can increase the value of the remaining shares as the earnings per share increase when the total number of shares decreases.

Additionally, repurchasing shares can be an effective way to signal to investors that the company is confident about its future and that it has a positive outlook. The share buy-back programme can also be used to compensate employees and management with equity-based incentives.

Kindred is a gambling company that operates in various markets globally. The company provides online gambling and sports betting services to its customers. As a publicly-traded company, Kindred is subject to the regulations set by different stock exchanges and financial authorities. The share buy-back programme is one of the ways that Kindred can comply with the regulations while providing value to its shareholders.

The share buy-back programme can also help Kindred to achieve its strategic objectives. By repurchasing shares, the company can reduce its financial risk and improve its financial performance. This can lead to increased investor confidence and higher stock prices. Additionally, the share buy-back programme can be used to fund acquisitions or other growth initiatives that can help Kindred to expand its operations and increase its market share.

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