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Michael Dugher and Samaritan Charity Clash over Gambling-Suicide Connection

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The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has come under fire after its chief executive, Michael Dugher, was accused of misrepresenting the Samaritans charity's stance on the link between gambling addiction and suicide. Julie Bentley, the chief executive of Samaritans, has alleged that Dugher tried to "twist" the charity's words to downplay the connection.

Dugher, Samaritans, and the Debate on Gambling's Role in Ashton's Tragedy

The controversy arose when Dugher referenced Samaritans' advice that "suicide is complex" during his testimony to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. The Committee had been probing Dugher about the potential dangers of addictive gambling products, particularly in light of the tragic suicide of Luke Ashton.

While the Samaritans do emphasize that multiple factors usually contribute to suicide, in Ashton's case, a coroner identified a "gambling disorder" as one of the primary causes of his death. Dugher did acknowledge this during his testimony.

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In response to the allegations, the BGC has firmly denied any attempt by Dugher to "manipulate guidance", labeling the accusations as baseless smears. A BGC spokesperson clarified that Dugher had quoted the Samaritans verbatim and did not offer any personal interpretation of their guidance.

The spokesperson also emphasized Dugher's recognition of the coroner's findings in Ashton's case, which highlighted the individual's struggle with an undiagnosed gambling disorder and the shortcomings of the gambling operator's systems.

Multifaceted Nature of Suicide and Addiction

Samaritans, a renowned charity focused on suicide prevention, is currently delving into the relationship between problem gambling, related harms and suicide. Their guidance for journalists underscores the multifaceted nature of suicide, often resulting from a myriad of intertwined factors. However, Bentley has expressed concerns that their messaging is being misused to sidestep the proven link between gambling and increased suicide risk.

Dugher, addressing the coroner's findings about Ashton's suicide, expressed his sorrow and highlighted the tragedy of Ashton's undiagnosed condition and his failure to seek help. He also pointed to systemic failures in the gambling industry that might have exacerbated the situation.

The debate on the link between gambling and suicide is gaining momentum. Bentley remains optimistic that the upcoming gambling white paper will address the nexus between addiction and suicide. She also urged BGC members to enhance safety measures proactively.

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Supporting the Samaritans in their complaint is "Gambling with Lives", a charity founded by families affected by gambling-related suicides. Will Prochaska, the strategy director of the charity, criticized Dugher's alleged misrepresentation of the Samaritans' position, emphasizing the gambling industry's role in numerous annual deaths.

In this unfolding controversy, the central issue remains: the undeniable and tragic link between gambling addiction and suicide, and the responsibility of industry stakeholders to address it.

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