Study Uncovers 15% of Danish Teens Take Part in Illegal Gambling

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Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority has released details from its latest study, revealing that 15% of 15 to 17-year-old Danish teenagers have engaged in online gambling.

The figures were based on research conducted by Spillemyndigheden from November 24, 2022, to January 15, 2023, which sought to establish the number of Danes involved in online gambling. The survey also looked into the demographics of these gamblers, the frequency of gambling on unlicensed platforms, and the motivations behind selecting such sites.

The study surveyed 30,070 Danes aged 15 and above and received responses from 7,637 individuals.

Key Findings of the Study

The study revealed that 21.7% of the surveyed individuals engaged in online gambling over the past year, while the average expenditure on online gambling amounted to DKK 6,500.

Notably, 15% of minors aged between 15 and 17 were identified as participants in online gambling activities within the last year. Furthermore, 3.8% of respondents admitted to using illegal online gambling websites.

However, 8.6% of participants expressed uncertainty regarding the licensing status of the live casinos and gambling sites they used. Lotteries and scratch cards were the most popular form of gambling amongst the surveyed individuals at 13.4%. It is followed by sports betting at 8.7%. Online casino gambling was engaged in by 4.1%, while 0.7% participated in skins betting. 1.6% wagered on other forms.

Regarding unlicensed gambling, online casinos took the lead at 43.4%, followed by sports betting at 36%, skins betting at 34.2%, lotteries and scratch cards at 12.4%, and other types of gambling at 8.2%.

Motivations Behind Gambling Behavior

Insights into reasons for choosing licensed sites revealed that 57% valued better control and supervision, 48% cited the reliability and responsibility of the site, 45% appreciated the site being in Danish, 29% considered the site's contribution to Danish taxes, 16% sought safeguards against problem gambling, and 9% favored better self-exclusion options.

When asked about the reasons why they opted for unlicensed sites, 37% claimed to be attracted by the availability of unique game types, 32% believed in higher paybacks and winnings, and 26% were enticed by larger bonuses.

Additionally, 23% chose unlicensed sites due to exclusion from licensed sites through the ROFUS, 21% were under 18, and 17% valued the absence of identification requirements. Lastly, 19% preferred better or different payment options.

Last December, Spillemyndigheden launched a nationwide campaign aimed at educating young people under the age of 18 about the risks associated with gambling. The motivation behind the campaign was largely fueled by the insights unveiled in the newly released report.

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