Top Casino Game Developers Reveal Plans for 2023

Here at, we have been talking to a number of our software developer partners about their plans for 2023. We are proud to count some of the iGaming industry's biggest names among our partners, as well as a number of up-and-coming studios that we think are full of promise.

From the answers we received, it is clear that there is much to look forward to in 2023 for both players and operators. Many studios are planning to launch in new markets, bringing their games to more players, and several developers have hinted at exciting new mechanics that will make their games even more engaging. It also sounds as if players may have one or two new types of games to look forward to trying. Read on to discover just what the developers have shared with CasinoReviews.

What are you most excited about in 2023, and what should we look forward to seeing from you?

  1. Gamebeat
  2. Swintt
  3. Mancala Gaming
  4. Evoplay
  5. Gamzix
  6. Habanero Systems
  7. Platipus Gaming

1. Gamebeat

In 2023, we plan to enter new geos, expand our slot portfolio and develop powerful game mechanics. Already in January, we will please our players with our game written on the new engine. We have no doubt that players will immediately notice improvements in the quality of content :)

2023 promises to be an interesting year: our pace is growing, we are developing new games and looking for employees who are passionate about gambling. Our team is what we will strengthen in 2023.

Wait for us at the world iGaming exhibitions — we look forward to meeting you!

Gleb Memchikov - Head of Marketing at Gamebeat

2. Swintt

We're very excited by our expansion plans into new territories during 2023, which will see us operating in the UK, Romania and Canada. We also hope to branch out into the United States this coming year as well.

We released "The Crown" with ex-British footballer Vinnie Jones last year, and we're buzzing to release more games involving him, which will be especially popular thanks to our UK license.

We'll also increase our gamification tools so that our players stay engaged with the kind of content and features that they love to see. That'll be exciting for everyone.

Our Swintt Studios partnership program will see further growth as well. This is our collaboration with boutique studios, and we'll be releasing their games exclusively on our platforms.

Our entire team just can't wait to start bringing all these thrilling plans to life!

David Mann - CEO of Swintt

3. Mancala Gaming

In 2023, we are most excited about continuing the fast growth we had in 2022. We are planning to release more games and open several new and regulated markets to make sure more players have access and can enjoy our exciting game titles.

We are going to start the upcoming year strong with a "Book of Wealth" game release and continue with a mix of games with traditional game mechanics as well as completely new and innovative ones.

Lucie Kadlecova - Head of Marketing at Mancala Gaming

4. Evoplay

Year after year, we are overcoming more and more challenges along the way.

Each year, the bar is set higher and higher. Do not be afraid of difficulties - after all, they make us stronger, they give us experience, and they give us power.

And with all that said, we are ready for new achievements.

We are very excited about 2023, and we are ready to implement all our plans.

We've got lots of activities, bright and technically interesting releases, the development of AR technologies and something new.

Stay tuned.

Alex Rodkin - Head of B2C Marketing at Gamebeat

5. Gamzix

We are the most excited about upcoming results. This year we have released almost 20 games, and our goals for 2023 are pretty ambitious - to double this number and add variety to our portfolio. Gamzix is planning not to focus only on slot games but also work more on Crash games, Mini games and new unexpected mechanics. Of course, all of these will be of high quality and graphics. As I always say, we are not scared about changes in the gambling world. Instead, we are curious and ready to face them.

Speaking about the company's development, Gamzix wants to reach a new level and speak louder on the iGaming market to achieve more recognition among partners and colleagues.

Alexandr Kosohov - CEO at Gamzix

6. Habanero Systems

2023 for us is going to be very exciting! We've put so much work into making Habanero the brand it is today. A key culmination for that is going live in 2023 with one of Europe's biggest operators – giving us access to dozens of casino brands that are household names across the continent.

Scandinavia will be a major area of interest as we are yet to properly tap into the region, while we are also focused on expanding our reach in relatively new regulations such as the Netherlands and Germany.

As well as that, Eastern Europe, the Baltics and the Balkans are other key markets for us, Romania, in particular, presenting exceptional opportunities with more operator partners there soon. And as an additional note, there are two more major European markets that we expect to debut next year (following regulatory approval), meaning we'll have plenty more to announce soon enough!

Arcangelo Lonoce - Head of European Business Development at Gamebeat

7. Platipus Gaming

From what I can tell, 2023 is certainly going to be an exciting year. The gambling industry has gone through a lot of changes in the past couple of years, and I believe this trend is not going to slow down anytime soon. With regard to Platipus, you can, as always, expect new and innovative mechanics from us. This new mechanic is going to unfold in two ways: Gamification and Innovative Gameplay.

Talking about gamification, we are currently developing a broad array of missions, objectives, tournaments and other tools to enhance the player experience. This, of course, will net its own unique reward system that will make our already exciting games even more fulfilling. As for Innovative gameplay, I do not want to spoil too much, but we have a number of games coming up that are falling outside of the classical paradigm of slot and table games. They will heavily focus on multiplayer and will allow for certain player interaction.

All in all, we are looking forward to 2023 with a bright outlook and would like to thank all our players and partners who joined us on this journey to success.

Vladyslav Garanko - CMO of Platipus Gaming

It certainly seems as if 2023 is going to be an excellent year for casino players. It could be the year in which AR technology finally finds its place in the industry when Crash games become mainstream and much more. Of course, we don't yet know what innovations our partners have up their sleeves, but we will be sure to bring you news of them right here as soon as we can. Here's to a thrilling 2023!

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