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Vegas Authorities to Advise Ukraine on Gambling Industry

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Ukraine may seek advice from the US Gaming Control Board in Nevada as it looks to rid its gambling industry of Russian influence.

The country recently reformed its gambling regulations in a bid to crack down on corruption. It is now expected that Ukraine’s Gambling and Lottery Regulation Commission will work with its Nevada equivalent to look for ways of expelling any remaining Russian influences.

Zelensky Bans Companies with Suspect Ties

Unsurprisingly, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is determined to ensure that all Russian influence in Ukraine ends. To that end, he has issued decrees banning all companies that are suspected to have ties with Russia.

Olena Vodolazhko, a member of Ukraine’s Gambling and Lottery Regulation Commission, has been working with gambling regulators in a number of countries but explained that the regulators in the US may have more relevant ideas due to their experience with the mafia.

American regulators are very important to us. Because, you know, what I saw when, for example, I visited the Lithuanians, Switzerland, the Netherlands’ regulators: they started their regulating in the market when they didn’t have such challenges as the mafia or some influence of another country. But the United States had, so I think their experience … can be very valuable for us.

Olena VodolazhkoUkraine Gambling and Lottery Regulation Commission

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Optimism for the Future

Vodolazhko is optimistic about the future of Ukraine’s industry. At present, she says that the main aim is to ensure that the industry isn’t used for money laundering. However, she believes that everyone in Ukraine is determined to work together to be rid of Russia’s influence in all areas.

If they will have some influence in our gambling industry or some other industry, of course, it will help them to kill us. You know, I think now it’s the challenge for every public servant and for every Ukrainian citizen to combat the influence of Russia because any opportunity for them to make money or to gain influence makes them stronger.

Olena VodolazhkoUkraine Gambling and Lottery Regulation Commission

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