Family Vegas Vacation Disturbed by Absurd Bat Encounter

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An Arizona family's vacation to a renowned Las Vegas Strip resort took a chilling turn last year when they stumbled upon a live bat inside their room, subsequently leading to a lawsuit.

Bizarre Encounter

The Rucker family, consisting of eight members, lodged at the New York-New York resort in April 2022, and their stay took an unexpected and distressing twist.

According to the filed lawsuit, the Rucker family, along with two other families, embarked on a trip to Las Vegas for a volleyball tournament on April 7, 2022. Following a day of activities, they retired to their New York-New York resort room for a night's rest. However, the tranquility of their stay was shattered when Marcus Rucker awoke at 4 a.m. to an unsettling noise emanating from the vicinity of the window curtains.

Upon investigation, Rucker was horrified to find a live bat hanging from the curtains. Reacting quickly, he managed to capture and terminate the bat, containing it in a plastic cup, which he then placed in a stairwell.

In a proactive measure, Rucker promptly informed a front desk employee about the bat and its location. The resort subsequently removed and disposed of the bat, as per the family's report.

However, the saga didn't end there. Marcus Rucker proceeded to contact the Maricopa County Arizona Health Department, seeking guidance in the aftermath of the unsettling encounter. Health officials advised the Rucker family to undergo testing for rabies, including testing the disposed bat.

Disease Scare Spurs Legal Action

Taking heed of the advice, Rucker approached the management of one of the more well-known land based casinos and hotels in Vegas, owned by MGM Resorts International, with a request for the bat's retrieval to facilitate testing. Unfortunately, Rucker was met with the disheartening revelation that the bat had already been disposed of.

Faced with the potential risk of rabies contraction, the family endured a series of painful injections aimed at safeguarding their health and preventing the possible onset of the deadly disease.

Considering the distress and health-related measures undertaken by the family, they have initiated a lawsuit seeking compensation exceeding $15,000. As the legal proceedings unfold, a specific date for the hearing is yet to be determined.

FOX5, in pursuit of comprehensive coverage, reached out to MGM Resorts International for a statement regarding the incident. As of the latest update, the resort has yet to respond to their inquiry.

The unnerving incident sheds light on the unforeseen challenges that can arise during what should have been a leisurely vacation. The Rucker family's ordeal serves as a reminder of the unexpected twists that can accompany even the most routine travels.

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