Get Up-close and Personal with Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette

Real Dealer Studios has released the third of its games to feature the well-known actor Vinnie Jones. Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette combines elements of an interview with the celebrity together with classic European Roulette gameplay.

With each round of the game, Jones answers a different fan question. At the same time, his co-host, actress Rachael Bower, keeps the gameplay moving. The longer that players spend at the table, the more they will hear from Jones about his life.

As with all Real Dealer Studio games, Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette combines cinematic style video with RNG gameplay, resulting in an experience that is similar to live dealer gaming, but available on demand.

An extensive Q&A session was recorded with Vinnie Jones for the game. The filming took place this spring on a Los Angeles sound stage. Hundreds of questions were asked of Jones such as, “How did things change for you after the Gazza incident?” and “Where have you been banned for life and why?” prompting the actor to joke, “That was, hands down, the longest interview I’ve ever had.”

In addition to everything else he is, Vinnie’s simply a consummate professional and a fantastic entertainer. And as you’d imagine, he has an endless supply of crazy stories to tell, so there’s a lot to see.

Shane CotterReal Dealer Studios Chief Product Officer

The release of Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette comes soon after the launch of Vinnie Jones Blackjack earlier this month and Vinnie Jones Roulette in September. Further launches are planned for 2023.

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