New Jersey Consider Total Ban on College Prop Bets

A bill that seeks to ban college prop in New Jersey has been introduced in the state’s Senate.

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Proposed by Sen. Kristin Corrado, R-Passaic, Bill S3089 seeks to prohibit operators from accepting player-specific proposition wagers on college sports due to concerns about the safety of student-athletes and the integrity of the sport.

New Jersey currently supports college prop betting but exempts players from placing prop bets on games involving colleges within the state. However, if Bill S308 is passed and signed into law, it will lead to a blanket ban on player-specific prop betting in the state.

I have heard about many individuals who have been the victim of online harassment because they didn’t perform to the expectation of a bettor who made a side wager. This legislation will ban player-specific prop betting in New Jersey, which will help curb that appalling behavior, and make college athletic events safer for all participants.

Kristin CorradoNew Jersey State Senator

NCAA Opposes College Prop Bets

With the proposal in the Senate, New Jersey could join the ranks of other states like Maryland, Vermont, and Ohio, which banned college prop bets in their jurisdictions.

Earlier this month, Louisiana also took action by announcing that prop bets would be prohibited in the state starting from August 1st. Several other regulators have indicated that they will be deliberating on the issue in the weeks ahead.

The trend aligns with the NCAA’s wishes to safeguard the integrity and safety of its student-athletes. In a recent statement, NCAA president Charlie Baker urged all states to ban individual proposition bets.

According to him, sports betting issues are increasing nationwide, with prop bets posing a threat to the integrity of competition and leading to the harassment of student-athletes and professional athletes. He confirmed that the NCAA has been collaborating with states to address these concerns, and “ many are responding by prohibiting college prop bets.”

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Montana to Continue Offering College Prop Bets

Despite mounting pressure from the NCAA, not all states are open to banning college prop bets. Montana has opted to continue offering the bets, as the state lottery believes that integrity concerns and athlete safety are not significant issues in Montana.

Speaking specifically to our state, with Montana’s low population and only two large universities, we can speak confidently that any issues occurring nationally have not been an issue in Montana. Regarding the specifics of player prop betting, it is not in our immediate plans to discontinue college player prop markets offered through our sportsbooks. Montana’s local teams already have a limited number of markets, which we are not inclined to limit further.

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