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Spain Introduces New Gambling Regulations in Order to Protect Young Adults

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Spain has taken significant steps to strengthen its gambling regulations and protect young adults from potential harm associated with online gambling activities.

With the rise of online gambling in recent years, concerns about the impact on vulnerable populations, including young adults, have emerged. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Spain approved new rules in March, known as the "Royal Decree on Responsible Gambling Environments," aimed at creating safer gambling environments and enhancing the protection of young customers.

The Royal Decree has now received the green light from the Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs, solidifying its importance in safeguarding young adults between the ages of 18 and 25. Once published in the country's Official State Gazette, the rules will be applied across Spain's 17 autonomous regions. However, due to the complexity of implementation and the technological changes required, some rules may take up to 12 months to be fully enacted after the initial six-month period.

These new regulations establish Spain as one of the countries with the strictest gambling regulations in Europe. While opponents of the rules, including the Spanish online operator association JDigital, have expressed concerns, claiming that problem gambling rates in the country are decreasing, the focus remains on protecting vulnerable individuals.

The forthcoming changes to the gambling market in Spain encompass 30 different modifications to the existing regulations. Notably, there will be a personalized approach for individuals identified as at-risk gamblers. They will receive personalized messages that inform them about their monthly gambling activities and require a response within 72 hours. Failure to respond within the designated timeframe will result in account suspension.

The regulations also involve monitoring gambling losses. Users under the age of 25 who lose more than €200 ($213) within three weeks will be classified as intensive gamblers. The same threshold of losses, €600 ($642), will be applied to customers above the age of 25. This classification aims to identify consumers who spend above the specified threshold and engage with them accordingly.

Additionally, the use of credit cards for gambling will be prohibited under the new rules. This measure aims to prevent gamblers from accumulating significant debts by relying on credit cards for their gambling activities. Furthermore, live casinos online and gambling operators will be restricted from approaching individuals under the age of 25 with marketing communications if they have not previously engaged in gambling activities.

What Does the Implementation of This Regulations Mean?

The implementation of these stricter regulations demonstrates Spain's commitment to addressing potential gambling harms and protecting its young adult population. By personalizing messages, monitoring losses, and restricting certain practices, the aim is to create a safer gambling environment for all individuals. These changes will undoubtedly contribute to raising awareness about responsible gambling practices and provide support to those who may be at risk.

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