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Thai Police Bust Motorcycle Gang for Illegal Gambling

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In a recent crackdown on organized crime in the country, Thai police have successfully busted a motorcycle gang involved in illegal gambling and human trafficking. The operation targeted an online gambling company, leading to the arrest of members associated with a local division of the international motorcycle gang known as the Outlaws.

A Crackdown on Crime

The decisive raid unfolded shortly after authorities uncovered a major illegal gambling operation that implicated several individuals, including police officers. Deputy National Police Chief General Surachate Hakparn, allegedly linked to the illicit activities, has vehemently denied any involvement in the scandal.

The illegal gambling operation, which spanned over three years, offered a variety of online gambling services, including slots, sports betting and other games. Shockingly, the operation reportedly had over 10,000 users and raked in THB600 million (US$16.87 million) annually.

In the wake of the raid, which led to the capture of the head of the Outlaws Thailand gang, law enforcement seized assets totaling THB150 million (US$4.22 million). Among the confiscated items were high-value assets such as Harley-Davidson motorcycles, jewelry and weapons. The seizure underscores the lucrative nature of the illicit operation and the significant financial gains reaped by those involved.

The investigation has revealed a complex web of criminal activities, implicating not only members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang but also individuals within the law enforcement community. The extent of corruption within the police force has raised concerns and is likely to prompt further internal investigations.

More Arrests Coming

Authorities have issued warrants for the arrest of 10 additional individuals believed to be connected to the illegal gambling ring. However, there are suspicions that these individuals may have fled the country to evade capture. It is speculated that they may have sought refuge in Cambodia, where they could be continuing their illicit gambling operations beyond the reach of Thai law enforcement.

In addition, police also found three additional people who now face arrest warrants. They reportedly operated service facilities and other activities for the illegal gambling outfit.

The impact of this illegal gambling network extends beyond national borders, highlighting the transnational nature of organized crime in the region. The collaboration between law enforcement agencies in Thailand and neighboring countries will be crucial in apprehending the fugitives and dismantling the remaining elements of the illicit operation.

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