Tom Dwan Astounds with Record-Breaking $3.1M Single Hand Poker Win

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Tom Dwan has set a record for the largest poker hand win during a live broadcast, $3.1 million. Poker fans are likely familiar with Dwan’s story. Prior to becoming a leading poker pro, he was working at McDonald’s and feeling somewhat directionless; now he has entered the record books.

Earlier this week, he was playing at Hustler Casino Live’s Million Dollar Game, which was being streamed in real time when he claimed the enormous pot of $3.1 million in a single round from a table that included Doug Polk and Wesley Fei.

The final table was far from easy. Fei, who made his fortune in cryptocurrency, was eager to raise the stakes from the very start. The No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash game’s buy-in was set at $1 million, but this did not deter Fei and Dwan from taking part.

It was an intense game with the action hampered by other players. For instance, Polk, a genuine poker legend and WSOP bracelet winner, announced that he had seen Fei’s cards, which caused a great deal of confusion. However, the action continued and Fei, holding an Ace and a King, was in a strong position.

Polk decided to fold leaving Fei, Dwan and the rising star LSG Hank to continue playing. Hank folded and Dwan and Fai continued bidding against each other and raising. The pot quickly grew with neither player backing down. However, Dwan was running out of chips and was close to going all in with chips worth roughly $786,000. However, the pressure clearly got to him; he took a step back and started talking through his options aloud.

Eventually, after some unusual interactions with his fellow players, Dwan went all in and won the $3.1 million pot from the single round, setting the new live poker broadcast record. The game continued with Fei winning $2.5 million back. However, Dwan’s name is the one that will go down in the history books.

A Hand to Remember

Tom Dwan's astounding $3.1 million single hand poker win serves as a testament to the thrilling nature of the game and the incredible feats that can be accomplished at the poker table. This remarkable achievement will undoubtedly inspire and captivate poker enthusiasts around the world for years to come.

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