Colleges and Gaming Stakeholders to Monitor Player Betting Activity

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With the start of the college football season on the horizon colleges have taken the step of monitoring players and coaching staff at their institutions to ensure they follow the strict no-betting rules that apply to players in college sports.

This follows incidents of multiple college players and sports administrators being charged with sports betting offenses in recent months. These include players betting on sports at Alabama, Iowa, and Iowa State.

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I have learned a lot the past two months just about gambling, I never really paid attention to it other than we signed a form, probably the same form we signed when I was playing. We live in a really different world right now.

Kirk FerentzFootball coach at Iowa

In response to these betting scandals the Colleges are working with gaming industry stakeholders to monitor player communications to check that there is no betting activity.

Proliferation in State Regulated Sports Betting

Since 2018 when sports betting was permitted in US states it has seen a steady rise in sports betting and there are now more than 35 states in North America that now allow regulated sports betting.

Many stakeholders, including college administrators, now admit that they were ill prepared for the rapid growth of sports betting in the US.

U.S. Integrity (USI), the sports monitoring organization, is one of the stakeholders trying to provide responsible gambling policies and protect the integrity of sports in North America. USI supplies a compliance product called ProbiBet that can monitor college players. ProbiBet can compare player details against lists of sportsbook customers to find any matches of players who may be wagering on sports.

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I think early on we were lucky because ... no one was really focusing on compliance products or integrity products, By the time it leaves their server, it’s just the hash full of numbers, letters, symbols, We do the same thing on the sportsbook operator side, and then we can compare the two hashes and look for matches.

Matthew HoltCEO of USI

Educating Players on Sports Betting Rules

Many colleges in the US now have dedicated education programs for their athletes which explains the strict betting rules that apply to them, and highlights the problems they face if they break these rules.

Players at college level are also sent constant updates about the rules and also notified of any cases where young players have breached sports betting regulations.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the governing body of college sports, said it had monitored more than 13,000 events and found an issue with just 0.25% of matches. The NCAA state they believe these results show the system of monitoring and education is working.

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